Welcome to our Rust server!
If this is you first visit, please take a couple of minutes to read through our server rules.

The server owner is MrBazibaz, who plays as a regular and only logs in with admin privileges to assist members of our community by any means possible.

We always have admins / moderators available.
You can contact them easily through a ticket on discord.

Any issue not sent through a ticket will be ignored, and by any issue we mean ANY issue, do not ask for admins in chat, post a ticket in all circumstances!

Welcome to the Wicked Gaming Rust Server

Wickedgaming x5

General rules

  • Cheating, use of third-party software, or bugs will result in a permanent ban.

  • Impersonating an admin will result in being muted.

  • Don't ''Troll'', we respect each other, no racial slurs or spam.

  • Please use English in global chat, Use /PM or /C for other languages.

  • Do not block access to major loot spawns and monuments.

  • MAX 3 layer wide High External wall around your base.

  • MAX 5 Members of your clan/party.

  • No advertisement, political propaganda.

  • Rules are subject to change at short to no notice.

  • If you suspect any player of cheating in any way, please send a report.
    /Report ''player name'' ''message'' We will be discreetly notified and will take action asap.

  • Enjoy the game. Banter and a laugh between players is welcome and encouraged.

  • This is a game people, have fun and try not to take it too seriously,

  • Games are more enjoyable to play together.